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Donald Trump’s Spending Spree On Golfing And Security Is Beyond Crazy


Donald Trump’s Spending Spree On Golfing And Security Is Beyond Crazy

Donald Trump’s expenses on golfing trips and security for his wife and son remaining in New York, and his adult children, who seem to be on vacation every other week, are staggering.

Republicans say they hate big government, but they are cutting programs that help the poor to save money while bankrolling the self-indulgence of Donald Trump and his family. Talk about shameless hypocrisy.

Trump has played his 16th round of golf since becoming President and the price tag is truly shocking. So far, his trips to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida have cost US taxpayers over $20 million. If Trump continues, he will have outspent Obama’s entire eight years in less than 12 months.

Trump’s abouse of power is made worse by his insistence that wife Melania and son Barron remain in New York. The security bill is absurdly high: the New York Police Department puts the expense at between $127,000 and $146,000 a day.

Then there’s the naked hypocrisy to contend with. As a private citizen, Trump routinely criticized Obama as lazy. In 2014, he tweeted: “Can you believe that, with all the problems and difficulties facing the US, President Obama spent the day playing golf.”

During the presidential campaign, Trump said that he doubted he would ever see his own golf resorts again. “I just want to stay in the White House and work my ass off.”

Of course, he lied. We’re used to this now. Trump has so often said one thing and done another that we’ve grown accustomed to treating his rhetoric as ambient sound.

But the time will surely come when even trump’s diehard supporters notice that while the Republican Party wants to cut programs on the pretext of saving money, it appears fine with bankrolling the President’s lavish lifestyle.

Republicans might say they hate big government, but it’s remarkable how much they enjoy its perks. This is not conservatism, ladies and gentlemen. It is self-indulgence.

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