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Trump’s Twitter Takes A Major Hit As A Crackdown On Bots And Fake Accounts On Social Media Intensifies

Donald Trump’s tweet is plummeting as social media companies are attempting to crack down on bots and fake accounts.

Trump uses his Twitter a lot, to spread propaganda and to attack his enemies. It’s a strategy that helps him reach his supporters. But now Twitter is cracking down on his page.

According to Axios, Trump’s monthly interaction rate has taken a hit and it has tumbled significantly.

Data from CrowdTangle showed that Trump has lost more than half of his Twitter interactions in the past year.

Axios speculated it might be an indication his powerful communications tool could be wearing off or the way he uses it is no longer useful.

The month Trump was elected, his interaction rate was 0.55 percent. In June 2017 he had fallen to 0.32%. This month, he dropped again, to 0.16 percent.

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