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Trump’s Unwillingness To Comply With The Constitution Will Lead To His Impeachment


Trump’s Unwillingness To Comply With The Constitution Will Lead To His Impeachment

Donald Trump lied the moment he took oath to office, by refusing the Constitutional requirements to stop accepting all forms of foreign government payments. Trump has multiple properties around the world and they all continue to accept these payments. This makes it a violation of the constitution and should cause Trump to be impeached.

A group of lawyers have sued Trump to enforce the constitution. One of these lawyers is former George Bush White House Counsel, Richard W. Painter.

He sent out a warning to Donald Trump, he either agrees to stop accepting foreign government payments or face involuntary eviction from the White House.

Painter said in an Australian news network:

“He makes sure first and foremost, that he complies with the Constitution, that means the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution with respect to the foreign government payments. That also means the provisions of the Constitution that protect Americans from discrimination based on their religious faith. We are not going to be keeping a registry of Muslims in America, we’re not going to be deporting Muslims, we’re not going to be barring people from coming into our country because of their religion.

“All of those ideas are antithetical to our Constitution and he is going to need to comply with the Constitution to be a good President, in order to remain as President.”

“We will remove a President who cannot comply with the Constitution.”

Trump unwilling to comply with the Constitution will not only cause him to be removed from the White House, but is a danger to national security, as his buildings could become terrorist targets.

“There are complications that could come up with the President’s investments overseas in countries where there’s tensions and the United States has to resolve,” Painter said. “For example a dispute between Russia and Turkey. We shouldn’t have a president invested in either Russia or Turkey. He should not have a dog in the hunt.”

Will Trump listen? Or is he to worried about losing his money that he’s willing to put millions of lives in danger?

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