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Trump/Schwarzenegger Feud Continues. See What The Former California Gov. Had To Say


Trump/Schwarzenegger Feud Continues. See What The Former California Gov. Had To Say

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has come up with the perfect reason as to why Donald Trump has criticized him so much and why they have an on-going feud.

On an appearance on Sirius XM broadcast Tuesday Schwarzenegger was asked by host Michael Smerconish:

“Why do you think the president is fixated on you? Why does he keep talking about you through his Twitter feed?”

“I think he’s in love with me,” Schwarzenegger responded.

“Is that what it is?” Smerconish pressed. “You’ve had a long relationship with [Trump].”

“Yeah, I think so,” Schwarzenegger answered before chuckling. “Oh yes.”

The former Governor eventually stopped talking about Trump and began to explain how he believes government should function.

“I believe very strongly in what [former President Dwight] Eisenhower said,” Schwarzenegger said. “That politics is like the road: the left and the right is like the gutter, and the center is drivable.”

“And I believe that the action is in the center, and I hope that the politicians wake up one day and just decide that they want to do the people’s work rather than the party’s work. Because the way it is right now, it doesn’t work, nothing is getting accomplished.”

Schwarzenegger said last week that his first season as host of NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice” is also his last.

“Even if asked [to do it again] I would decline,” Schwarzenegger told Empire magazine on March 3. “I learned a lot, I had a great time, it was a really great opportunity. But under the circumstances, I don’t want to do it again.”

“With Trump being involved in the show people have a bad taste and don’t want to participate as a spectator or sponsor or in any other way support the show,” he added of the show’s ratings performance. “It’s a very divisive period right now and I think the show got caught up in all that division.”

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