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‘Turtle’ McConnell Gets Torched After Admitting Defeat To Dems And Begging Them Not To Change Senate Rules


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) appeared to be admitting defeat early to Democrats in the Senate when he took to The New York Times on Thursday to beg them not to abolish the legislative filibuster if they take control of the chamber, saying the procedural rule “plays a crucial role in our constitutional order.”

McConnell is playing hypocrite yet again. He practically invented modern abuse of the filibuster to block legislation under President Barack Obama and has shattered dozens Senate norms to silence the left and confirm radical judges.

McConnell also sent a warning to Democrats, saying that they will “rue” changing the rules to strip him of power.

The Senate Majority Leader seems to know that his days in power will soon be over and is desperate.

The internet decided to blast McConnell for his desperate move.

Here’s how people are responding:

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