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Twitter Burns ‘Really Good Speller’ Trump After Photo Of Handwritten Note Shows Embarrassing Mistakes

President Donald Trump last week bragged that he was really a “good speller” despite his reputation for Twitter typos. However, another handwritten note caught on camera shows he struggles with writing simple words on paper.

The note from Trump’s comments on Monday when he doubled down on racist attacks against several lawmakers also contained another gaffe, with the president misspelling “al Qaeda” as “alcaida.”

He also fumbled the word “people,” which by spelling it as “peopel.”

The mistakes were caught by several photographers, including Jabin Botsford of the Washington Post.

Last week, Trump claimed his well-documented spelling struggles were simply a matter of clumsy fingers on a smartphone screen.

“Really I’m actually a good speller,” he said. “But everyone said the fingers aren’t as good as the brain.”

Yet Trump’s handwritten notes have consistently contained spelling errors as well, including one last month torching Democrats for having “no achomlishments.”

The latest mistakes caused “alcaida” to trend on Twitter as Trump’s critics schooled him on basic spelling:

Here are some of the responses:

Go ahead, fire ahead.

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