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Twitter Destroys ‘Dope’ Trump Over Misleading Tweet About Dems Healthcare Discussion At Debate

President Trump triggered the wrath of the internet after firing off a deceiving tweet about the Democrats’ discussion on healthcare during Thursday night debate.

Trump blasted the Democratic presidential contenders on stage for the primary debate after all 10 said that healthcare is a human right, and suggested their plans would cover undocumented immigrants.

“All Democrats just raised their hands for giving millions of illegal aliens unlimited healthcare. How about taking care of American Citizens first!? That’s the end of that race!” Trump tweeted from Japan during the G-20 summit.

Of course, that is not what they said.

The tweet came after the debate moderators asked the candidates to raise their hands if they would cover undocumented immigrants, to which all did.

“Our country is healthier when everybody is healthier,” South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg said. “This is not about a handout, this is an insurance program. And we do ourselves no favors by having 11 million undocumented people in our country be unable to access health care. But of course, the real problem is we shouldn’t have 11 million undocumented people with no pathway to citizenship.”

“As the mayor said, you cannot let people who are sick, no matter where they come from, no matter what their status, go uncovered. You can’t do that,” Biden added.

Immigration has emerged as one of the top animating issues for both parties, with Democrats vowing to curtail the threat of deportation and provide pathways to citizenship while Trump doubles down on hard-line policies to curb legal and illegal border crossings and ramp up deportations of migrants already in the U.S.

Trump’s tweet was met with a swift and blistering response. Take a look at some of the highlights.

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