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Twitter Just Blew The Lid Open On How Russia Influenced The 2016 Election

Russia’s election interference was more reaching than previously thought. Twitter revealed on Thursday that the company sold more than $270,000 of ads to Russia-linked accounts during the 2016 election, according to CNBC.

The social media company said in a statement that accounts affiliated with Russia Today, which is an outlet with “strong links to the Russian government,” shared and promoted more than 1,800 tweets that “definitely or potentially targeted the U.S. market.”

But that’s not all Twitter revealed. The company also found that 22 of the 450 Russia-linked accounts that shared ads on Facebook were also sharing ads on Twitter as well.

According to Twitter, those 22 accounts were also linked to another 179 more accounts, all of which have been suspended.

“We are concerned about violations of our Terms of Service and U.S. law with respect to interference in the exercise of voting rights,” the statement said. “During the 2016 election, we removed Tweets that were attempting to suppress or otherwise interfere with the exercise of voting rights, including the right to have a vote counted, by circulating intentionally misleading information.”

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