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Two Republican Governors Come Forward In Support Of Impeachment Inquiry


Two Republican Governors Come Forward In Support Of Impeachment Inquiry

In a stunning break with their party leadership, two prominent Republican governors have publicly announced that they support of the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine.

Governor Charlie Baker (R-Massachusetts) and Governor Phil Scott (R-Vermont) became the first GOP state leaders to publicly support the inquiry with an announcement on Thursday.

“These are serious allegations we need to — we need to make sure that we do the fact finding and figure out what exactly did happen,” GOv. Scott told a CNN affiliate.

Later that same day, Baker joined his Republican colleague, telling reporters, “based on the stuff that I’ve read it’s a deeply disturbing situation and circumstance and I think the proper role and responsibility for Congress at this point is to investigate it and get to the bottom of it.”

Also on Friday, over 300 former U.S. national security and foreign policy officials signed an open letter calling for an impeachment inquiry

The development comes as support nationwide for impeaching Trump is picking up speed and intensity. A new poll by YouGov found that the majority of Americans support impeaching the president following the whistleblower scandal that revealed the president tried to obtain dirt on presidential candidate Joe Biden from the Ukrainian government.

When national public polling crosses the fifty percent threshold, it’s likely that more Republican will begin to come across the aisle.

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— Nearly 300 National Security Officials Sign Letter Calling For Trump To Be Impeached.

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