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U.S. Intel Launches Investigation Into Russian Cyber Operations In Presidential Elections


U.S. Intel Launches Investigation Into Russian Cyber Operations In Presidential Elections

According to a Washington Post report, U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies have launched an investigation into the covert Russian operations in the upcoming presidential elections.

According to the report, “the aim is to understand the scope of the intent of the Russian campaign which incorporates some new tools to hack systems used in the political process, enhancing Russia’s ability to spread disinformation.”

In the wake of Donald Trump’s request to Russian hackers to break into the DNC and the State Department email servers, officials are examining potential disruptions to the election process and the FBI has alerted interstate and local officials to potential cyber threats.


“A Russian influence operation the United States is something we’re looking very closely at,” one of the senior intelligence officials told The Washington Post.

Additionally, members of both parties are urging the president to take the Russians to task publicly.

“We’ve seen an unprecedented intrusion and an attempt to influence or disrupt our political process,” said Rep. Adam B. Schiff (Calif.), the ranking Democrat of the House Intelligence Committee, speaking about the DNC hack and the WikiLeaks release on the eve of the Democratic convention.

In a recent interview with Reuters, Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin was asked about the Russian cyber-meddling in the United States elections. He responded: “Does it even matter who hacked these data from Mrs. Clinton’s election campaign office?”

The question remains: Who is Russia trying to help?

Source: Washington Post.

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