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U.S. Official: Trump Blocked Statement Condemning Russia’s Military Actions In Ukraine

During testimony before Congressional investigators on Wednesday, a U.S. official told lawmakers that President Donald Trump inexplicably blocked the State Department from releasing a statement condemning Russia’s military action in Ukraine.

Christopher Anderson, a former advisor to U.S. envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker, is testifying on Capitol Hill in the ongoing House impeachment inquiry.

In a prepared opening statement, Anderson claims that “on November 25, 2018, as Russia escalated the conflict further when its forces openly attacked and seized Ukrainian military vessels heading to a Ukrainian port in the Sea of Azov,” he and his colleagues at the State Department “quickly prepared a statement condemning Russia for its escalation. But senior officials in the White House blocked it from being issued.”

Ambassador Volker drafted a tweet condemning Russia’s actions, which I posted to his account.”

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