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Undocumented Immigrant Urged Daughter To Vote For Trump, Now He’s Facing Deportation.

Donald Trump made a promise during his campaign that he would be deporting the “bad guys,” if he became president. That phrase stuck with Jorge Ramirez, an undocumented minister in Oceanside, California, who encouraged his daughter to vote for Trump.

Now, Ramirez is facing deportation and can’t understand why. According to the San Diego Union Tribune, Ramirez was forced out of his house by Border Patrol and has been held in a detention facility since May.

“Trump said, ‘Let’s keep all the good people here and all the bad people out,’” Ramirez told the Union Tribune.

“That’s great, but I’m here,” Ramirez said. “If I’m here, anybody can be here. I’m not saying I’m the best person in the world, but I’ve tried to live a good life.”

Ramirez has kept a clean criminal record and has not previously been given a deportation order.

But, thanks to Trump’s executive order, Ramirez will be sent back to his home country. And despite having gone through all that, he says he still supports Trump.

It’s hard to explain why someone would support a man that doesn’t even want you in this country. But, there are people out there that will support Trump no matter what he does to this country, and that’s a scary thought.

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