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Unearthed Video Shows Trump Saying That Attacking Iran Before Election Is ‘Weak’ And ‘Pathetic’


There’s no question that Donald Trump is an ineffective president — see the last three years — and by many accounts, he wasn’t a great businessman – see all his bankruptcies – but one area where he has excelled is in predicting the future.

Trump’s ability to forecast upcoming events was illustrated in an unearthed from video 2011, in which Trump foretold the current situation with Iran

Trump is currently an impeached president that is awaiting trial in the Senate to see if he will be removed from office. As he waits, his popularity continues to decline and the election year is here. So as all this is happening, Trump decided on Thursday night to send an airstrike to Iraq in order to kill Iranian military leader Qassim Suleimani.

Trump claimed that this attack was “to end a war not start a war.”

But if you were to ask Trump what he thought about the Iran situation 9 years ago, he would give you a completely different answer. We did some digging and found a video of Trump arguing that attacking Iran prior to an election is not only “weak” but a “pathetic” move that would only be done by a president that didn’t have any negotiation skills.

Take a look at the video clip below of Trump roasting himself:

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