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UNPRECEDENTED: Trump Will Be Attending Two Events This Weekend To Bring Profit To His Business


UNPRECEDENTED: Trump Will Be Attending Two Events This Weekend To Bring Profit To His Business

Donald Trump will be attending two events over this weekend that will benefit his business. First one would be a charity ball at his mansion in Palm Beach, Mar-A-lago, the other one will be a Super Bowl event at his Trump International Golf Club in Palm Beach.

His attendance at these events will be covered by the press of the president. Given the fact that Trump benefits financially from both of these properties, his decision ― as president ― to attend events there creates the appearance that he may be using the presidency to increase the visibility, prestige and financial value of his clubs.

Trump’s trip to Palm Beach that will end up benefiting his business was paid for by the people, yes, you the taxpayers are the ones that paid for Trump’s expensive trip.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer repeatedly referred to the mansion this week as the “Winter White House,” suggesting Mar-A-Lago would be a Trump administration site of official business, and not simply a weekend retreat.

Mar-A-Lago recently announced that it had doubled its membership fees, from $100,000 to $200,000.

The Red Cross Ball has been held at the Mar-A-Lago before and according to reports, the organization pays fees for such facilities, and catering that can run to more than $300,000.

It is yet unclear who will be attending the Super Bowl event that will be held at his Trump International Golf Club.

Trump will spend Sunday evening at his Trump International Golf Club, a members-only facility that hosts top-level pro golf tournaments. He’ll attend what the White House billed as, “The President watches the Super Bowl.”

Trump is walking on a very thin rope and it is sure to snap at any moment. The man has chosen to not divest from his business, instead he issued a trust, which a recent document revealed that he is still benefiting from his business.

A giant red flag here. Trump has plenty of conflicts of interest and should be impeached because of them. It is a danger for the country and the people.

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