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US Air Force Will Lose Crucial Base After Trump Took Their Money For His Border Wall


The United States Air Force released a report on Friday claiming that it could be forced to evacuate an entire base in Alaska due to Donald Trump’s cut to military spending that was made to pay for his border wall. The same wall Trump promised Mexico would pay for.

According to NBC News, the Air Force has written a report detailing the importance of dozens of projects that have seen their funding cut to finance Trump’s wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Among the projects is a boiler replacement at Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska, which the report says is in “imminent” danger of failing. According to NBC News, the boiler in question “provides all electrical power and steam heat for the base” and the Air Force would have to evacuate the entire base if it went down.

After this evacuation, the Air Force projects that the base “would freeze and require millions of dollars of repair to return to usable conditions.”

But that’s not all. Trump’s cuts to the military will actually help Russia. According to the report, Trump’s cuts will have a negative impact on NATO-related military operations intended to deter Russian aggression in Europe.

“Projects to upgrade airfields in Germany, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Hungary and Slovakia have been shelved, leaving the bases unable to support U.S. and NATO airplanes,” NBC News reports. “Construction of storage facilities and fuel supply has also been postponed, ‘directly limiting theater presence and impairing mission capability and readiness’ and support to Operation Atlantic Resolve within Europe, Africa, and the Middle East,” the report says.

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