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US Marshals Rush To Protect Judge Who Struck Down Trump’s Travel Ban After Death Threats


US Marshals Rush To Protect Judge Who Struck Down Trump’s Travel Ban After Death Threats

U.S. Marshals have been called to provide 24-hour protection for the Hawaiian federal judge who struck down Donald Trump’s revised Muslim ban after receiving death threats from angry conservatives who don’t want so-called ‘bad people’ coming into the United States, Hawaii News Now reported.

According to law enforcement officials, Judge Derrick Watson received death threats after ruling that Trump’s executive order — which denied people from six majority-Muslim nations from entering the US, and allowed the government to limit refugee intake from any country — was significantly founded on “religious animus.”

“The illogic of the Government’s contentions is palpable,” Watson wrote in his ruling.

Watson also went so far as to tell the federal lawyers who protested his ruling that “there is nothing unclear” about his remarks on Sunday.

FBI spokesperson Michele Ernst told reporters “the agency is aware of the threats and is prepared to assist the Marshals Service.” The agency declined to provide details on how the threats were made or what states they are coming from.

US District Judge Derrick Watson.  Imgur

US District Judge Derrick Watson. Imgur

Maybe we need to do something about the “bad people” that are already in this country threatening to kill a judge?

Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins had this to say about the threats:

“Threatening the life of a sitting judge, because they allegedly won’t keep out the bad people. Look in the mirror, conservatives. You are the bad people. You’re the kind of people we don’t wanna sit next to on an airplane. You’re the kind of people who make us lock our car doors, or house doors when we see you down our street. You’re the people that we walk across the street to avoid. You’re the people who pose a threat to citizens of the United States.

Conservatives, the neo Nazi’s, the KKK, they all lean to the right. They all support Republicans, and it is these kinds of people who take over a federal wildlife preserve in Oregon, or who point guns a Federal Marshals in the southwest, or who send death threats to judges who strike down unconstitutional Muslim bans.

You, you angry people, you vicious people, you gun toting, ready to kill somebody people, are the ones that we need to be concerned about. Not the people fleeing war-torn countries, trying to get away from violence. They’re a hell of a lot more peaceful than you are. They’re trying to escape violence. You’re threatening to commit violence. Now, who do you think we need to be more worried about?”

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