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USA Today Torches Trump In Blistering Editorial: ‘Not Fit To Clean The Toilets In The Obama Presidential Library’

The USA Today Editorial Board Slammed President Donald Trump on Tuesday after his sexist tweet against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY).

“A president who would all but call Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand a whore is not fit to clean the toilets in the Barack Obama Presidential Library or to shine the shoes of George W. Bush,” USA Today explained.

“With his latest tweet, clearly implying that a United States senator would trade sexual favors for campaign cash, President Trump has shown he is not fit for office. Rock bottom is no impediment for a president who can always find room for a new low,” the editorial observed.

“Donald Trump, the man, on the other hand, is uniquely awful. His sickening behavior is corrosive to the enterprise of a shared governance based on common values and the consent of the governed,” explained USA Today. “If recent history is any guide, the unique awfulness of the Trump era in U.S. politics is only going to get worse. Trump’s utter lack of morality, ethics and simple humanity has been underscored during his 11 months in office.”

The newspaper also took issue with so few members of the Senate Democratic Party Caucus demanding President Trump step down.

“It is a shock that only six Democratic senators are calling for our unstable president to resign,” the editorial lamented. “A president who shows such disrespect for the truth, for ethics, for the basic duties of the job and for decency toward others fails at the very essence of what has always made America great.”

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