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Utah Judge Loses His Job After Criticizing Trump On Facebook

Judge Michael Kwan of Utah was suspended from his position without pay for six months this week after he criticized Donald Trump using his private Facebook account.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune Judge Kwan violated judicial standards by attacking the president in his Facebook posts.

On the day of Trump’s inauguration, he took a shot at Trump for the way he conducted himself during the presidential campaign.

“Welcome to governing,” he said. “Will you dig your heels in and spend the next four years undermining our country’s reputation and standing in the world?… Will you continue to demonstrate your inability to govern and political incompetence?”

Attorney Greg Skordas, who is representing Kwan, tells the Salt Lake Tribune that he didn’t believe his client deserved such a harsh punishment.

“We never argued that the judge should not be sanctioned, but we felt and argued that a six-month suspension was too severe,” he said. “The Supreme Court obviously felt otherwise. We will honor that decision and abide by it.”

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