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Trump’s VA Chief Used ‘Government Trip’ To Go Sightseeing With His Wife: Report


Trump’s VA Chief Used ‘Government Trip’ To Go Sightseeing With His Wife: Report

Donald Trump’s cabinet has been under a lot of fire lately for misusing taxpayer money for their own personal gain.

According to The Washington Post, Trump’s Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin went on a government trip overseas but he spent more than half the time there sightseeing with his wife.

Shulkin took a trip to Europe back in July for a conference in London with other representatives of several countries to talk about veterans’ health issues.

According to the Post, Shulkin’s wife had her airfare paid for by the government because she was traveling on “approved invitational orders.” But not only did she get her airfare paid for her meals were also paid for by the government.

The VA Chief took a break from government issues during the trip to attend a Wimbledon tennis tournament match and visit multiple places in both London and Denmark, according to the Post.

According to VA press secretary Curt Cashour, the trip was “reviewed and approved by ethics counsel.”

“These were important trips with our allies to discuss best practices for taking care of veterans,” Cashour told the Post. “The secretary has been transparent on his downtime activities that were similar to what he would have done with his family over a weekend in the U.S.”

The VA said in a statement on Friday that it would begin making public a list of Shulkin’s official travel, including trip itineraries and his use of private and government aircraft.

“Veterans and taxpayers have a right to know about my official travel as Secretary, and posting this information online for all to see will do just that,” Shulkin said in the statement.

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