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Van Jones Rips Laura Ingraham For ‘Demographic’ Comments: ‘Zero Difference’ Between Her And Nazis

On Saturday, CNN host Van Jones compared Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s rant against immigration to that of the Nazis.

Jones shared a clip of a neo-Nazi that was interviewed by CNN.

“This guy actually openly wears Swastikas on his shirt and he says America is his country because he’s white,” Jones said. “Now, to be fair, 12 of that guy’s neighbors came out immediately [and said] they don’t agree with this guy, he doesn’t represent their community.”

“Those same themes that were once considered so extreme are now becoming mainstream, at least in conservative media,” he added.

Jones went on to compare Ingraham’s rant on “demographic changes” in America to Nazi propaganda. He claimed that they both send the same message, both are scared that whites will soon become the minority.

“I see zero difference between what Laura Ingraham is saying on mainstream cable and what the Nazi was saying in front of his house,” Jones said. “Literally, it’s the same message.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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