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Video Appears To Show Louisiana Cop Planting ‘Crack’ On Handcuffed Black Suspect


Video Appears To Show Louisiana Cop Planting ‘Crack’ On Handcuffed Black Suspect

A video has emerged online showing a Louisiana police officer detaining a handcuffed Black and allegedly planting drugs on the suspect. The footage went viral after first being posted on social media on Monday.

The short clip shows three police officers surrounding a Black man who is lying on his side while handcuffed. One officer, a white man who is not holding the suspect down, can be seen looking around while the suspect protested.

In a split second later, the cop who was looking around is shown producing a piece of a white substance in his left hand — out of nowhere — and putting it down on the grass beneath them. The onlookers could quickly be heard saying that the officer planted the substance near the suspect, prompting the man to speak out.

“What is that?” the man asks. “You just put that on the ground! That ain’t mine.”

The woman filming corroborates the man’s fears and let him know that she is recording.

“I’m recording,” the woman says. Her friend then reiterates several times that “she’s recording,” which gets the cop’s attention.

The cop looks over at the women with apparent anger in his eyes and then gets up to go after them. The women appear to be on their own property and took off running back into the house as the video ends.

Watch the video below, via Instagram:

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office did not return a Political Dig request for comment in regard to this incident.

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