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Video Shows Turkey’s President Watching As Bodyguards Attack Protesters In D.C.

A shocking video has emerged online showing Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan watching on as members of his security details violently attack protesters in DC following his visit with President Trump.

In the video, uploaded to YouTube by VOA Turkish, a multimedia Internet and TV service, Erdogan is seen emerging from a car in the driveway to watch the incident before heading inside the Turkish ambassador’s residence. His bodyguards are visible from Erdogan’s car kicking and punching protesters.

The incident has been fiercely criticized by Washington, D.C., police and local officials who described it as a violent attack on peaceful demonstrators.

Nine people were injured during the demonstration. The Turkish Embassy said on Wednesday that Erdogan’s bodyguards were acting in “self-defense” during the incident and the protesters were affiliated with the terrorist group PKK. A protest leader denied that anyone involved had any ties or sympathies to the PKK.

Watch the video below:

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