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Neo-Nazi Shoots Girlfriend’s Parents And Self Because They Wouldn’t Let Their Daughter Date Him: Report


Neo-Nazi Shoots Girlfriend’s Parents And Self Because They Wouldn’t Let Their Daughter Date Him: Report

A Virginia couple, who were worried about their daughter and wanted to keep hate out of their home, are dead and their daughter’s boyfriend shot them both and then himself because they refused to let her date a neo-Nazi, according to The Washington Post.

The Post reported that Buckley Kuhn-Fricker, 43, and her husband Scott, 48, were shot dead in their daughter’s bedroom in the early morning hours of Friday, Dec. 22 and that the teen gunman turned the gun on himself, but survived and is in critical condition.

The family had deep misgivings about the 17-year-old boy their daughter was dating, Mrs. Kuhn-Fricker’s mother Janet Kuhn told the newspaper. She called the teen an “outspoken neo-Nazi” and friends and family say she had forced her daughter to break up with the boy in the days before the double murder.

“We can’t allow her to see someone associated with Nazis,” a friend who spoke on the condition of anonymity recalled Kuhn-Fricker saying. “We don’t associate with hate groups in our house.”

The two teens had been dating since June. The family became concerned when their daughter began to parrot pro-Nazi talking points like blaming Europe’s Jewish population for World War II.

Mrs. Kuhn-Fricker — a social justice activist who specialized in improving the lives of the elderly — saw messages on her daughter’s phone attributed to an online account believed to be operated by the teen boy, who the Post declined to name.

The concerned mom printed off copies of the messages, which “had retweeted missives praising Hitler, supporting Nazi book burnings, calling for ‘white revolution,’ making derogatory comments about Jews and featuring an illustration of a man hanging from a noose beneath a slur for gay people.”

She submitted the information to the principal of her daughter and the boy’s school and asked the boy’s mother to “keep him away from her daughter.”

According to the report, the Kuhn-Fricker’s were awakened by a noise in their daughter’s room late Friday night. They found the boy there brandishing a gun. An angry confrontation reportedly ensued, wherein the boy murdered both adults and shot himself.

Mrs. Kuhn-Fricker’s final Facebook post, written when she believed she had permanently excised the disturbed teen from her family’s life, said,

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

The quote is attributed to Irish philosopher and statesman Edmund Burke.

The video below from local station WUSA9 has more on this story:

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