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Putin Convinced Trump To Let Russia ‘Help’ With U.S. Cybersecurity Strategy


Putin Convinced Trump To Let Russia ‘Help’ With U.S. Cybersecurity Strategy

Embolden by his first face-to-face meeting with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin since becoming president, Donald Trump returned to the United States excited to get back to work. And by work, of course, I mean tweeting and profiting on the taxpayers back while playing gold at his luxury resorts.

The erratic president began by expressing confidence in Putin’s honesty, inadvertently admitting that he is choosing to believe the word of a murderous tyrant over the U.S. intelligence professionals’.

There is no possible scenario in which Putin would admit his crimes, and it’s difficult to believe that a conman of Trump’s vast experience would actually take his word at face value. More likely, Trump simply does not care about acts that may destabilize American democracy so long as he is the beneficiary.

Trump followed with a truly mind-boggling tweet about a Russian cybersecurity partnership:

Are you kidding me? The U.S. working with Russia on Cyber Security would be like a baseball batter asking the opposing pitcher to throw an easy pitch so he can hit a home run.

Moving forward with this plan threatens to hand over the keys of our democracy, in the form of sensitive intelligence, to a foreign adversary who seeks to undo it.

Trump’s strong man crush on Vladimir Putin is endangering U.S. interests at an increasing rate, and we continue to wait for Congress to show the political courage to do something about it.


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