Voter Outrage Spreading Like Wildfire: Watch Woman Eviscerate Mitch McConnell

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Do you know what that rotten tangerine we call president and his Republican allies are doing while Americans face losing their health insurance? They’re celebrating! Well, voters have had enough and are fighting back, directing their wrath at Republicans at town-hall events across the country.

On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell held a $10-a-plate lunch in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, and got eviscerated by his constituents.

“The last I heard, these coal jobs are not coming back and now these workers don’t have the insurance they need because they’re poor,” voter Rose Perkins told McConnell in an angry tone. “They work those coal mines and they’re sick. The veterans are sick, the veterans are broken down and they’re not getting what they need. If you can answer any of that I’ll sit down and shut up like Elizabeth Warren.”

Watch the confrontation below: