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Wall Street Journal Rains Hell On Trump, Praises Pelosi In Scorching Editorial


Wall Street Journal Rains Hell On Trump, Praises Pelosi In Scorching Editorial

The editors at The Wall Street Journal on Saturday slammed President Donald Trump while giving credit to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for bringing the government shutdown to an end by making Trump blink first and cave over his border wall.

The conservative editorial board noted that “Trump cut his growing political losses on Friday by agreeing to reopen the government for three weeks pending new border-spending negotiations.”

In their piece, titled “After The Shutdown Fiasco,” The editors lamented that everyone knew the shutdown would end badly, adding the president had no one but himself to blame.

“Most voters blamed him for the shutdown, and the costs to the public had begun to build,” the editorial quipped, “Maybe someone told Mr. Trump that Presidents get the blame when the economy suffers.”

Although not a fan of Nancy Pelosi, the editorial board praised her for not caving to Trump’s demands.

“Mr. Trump’s strategy, to the extent he had one, was to hold his breath until Mrs. Pelosi gave in. However, she held her position and showed everyone what it takes to win,” the editors continued.

The editorial then attacked Trump’s wall supporters — who have now turned on him — who claim they care about border security but are just cashing in on the racist sentiments of his supporters.

“The same immigration restrictionists who told Mr. Trump to shut down the government are now calling him a wimp for not watching his approval rating sink even lower. They care more about their own TV ratings and book sales than they do Mr. Trump,” the editors charged.

In their piece, the editors encouraged Trump to throw adviser Stephen Miller under the bus, saying he needs to be taken out of the border security debate.

“He also can’t make a deal as long as he listens to White House adviser Stephen Miller, the hard-line restrictionist in the White House,” the editorial advocated. “He needs to turn the negotiations over to someone who really does want to make an immigration deal. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is the voice to listen to here.”

You can read the entire op-ed here.

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