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WaPo Exposes Trump In Latest Report Over His Corruption

Donald Trump has been in legal trouble many times in his life, and it hasn’t stopped even after he became president of the United States. But just under how many investigations is Trump under?

The Washington Post reported that in the two years since his surprising victory in the 2016 presidential election, “nearly every organization” Trump led in the last decade is under investigation.

According to the Post, the Trump Organization is battling civil lawsuits probing its relationship with foreign government bodies as well as “looming state inquiries into its tax practices.”

Trump’s charities are also under investigation after New York state accused the Trump Foundation of “persistently illegal conduct,” the report noted.

Trump is also under investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller, who is overseeing the probes into the Trump presidential campaign and his inaugural committee.

Trump’s clock is ticking quite loud and it’s only a matter of time before Democrats take over the House and according to the Post, the House Intelligence Committee is planning to take up the Trump inaugural committee probe as well.

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