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War Veteran Turned Lawmaker Bashes Trump For Abandoning The Kurds: ‘He’s Really Stupid… Dumbest President In History’


Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ), who joined the Marines after graduating from college and deployed to Iraq in the early days of the war, called out Donald Trump on Thursday over his military strategy in Syria.

Gallego was interviewed by SiriusXMProgress host Dean Obeidallah and was asked about Trump’s latest Syria strategy and why he thought Trump would make such a dangerous move to endanger our allies on the ground.

“He’s really stupid,” Gallego said. “He’s one of the dumbest Presidents in the history of this country. And I don’t think he realized the impact of what he was doing when [Turkish President] Erdoğan got on the phone and tried to put pressure on him.”

“People think he’s playing three-dimensional chess–he’s not,” Gallego added. “That’s the most dangerous thing…. he’s not listening to his advisors. He’s more focused on him than the country.”

You can listen to Gallego’s interview below:

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