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Was Russia Involved In The Syrian Chemical Attacks? U.S. Report Reveals


Was Russia Involved In The Syrian Chemical Attacks? U.S. Report Reveals

Last week a chemical attack blew up in Syria, as a result Donald Trump called for a missile strike at a Syrian airbase. Now, a new report by The Associated Press reveals that Russia knew about the chemical attacks prior to them happening.

According to a senior U.S. official who spoke with the news outlet, the presence of a Russian drone over the hospital where victims were being treated following the attack was not a coincidence.

That same hospital was bomb just hours later by a plane made by Russia.

“We don’t have positive accountability yet, but the fact that somebody would strike the hospital potentially to hide the evidence of a chemical attack, about five hours after, is a question that we’re very interested in,” a senior official said during a background briefing on Friday.

This raises concerns that Russia was involved in the chemical attack. The chemical attack was blamed on the administration of President Bashar Assad, which has been in the middle of a civil war fighting opposition groups ranging from moderate rebels to U.S.-designated terrorist organizations since 2011.

Russia has since been providing the administration both political and chemical support. Back in 2015 the Russians also intervened directly in the civil war, providing air support and special forces to reverse gains by rebel groups fighting Assad.

The Pentagon stated on Friday that it would investigate the potential involvement of Russia in the chemical attack.

“We have no knowledge of Russian involvement in this attack, but we will investigate any information that might lead us in that direction,” the senior official said Friday. “We’re not done.”

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