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Denzel Washington Silences Trump Supporters, Praises Obama’s Legacy In One PERFECT Line

We all know that Denzel Washington is a man who exudes integrity and confidence. Last week, on the red carpet for his new film Fences, he was asked to comment about the legacy of President Barack Obama. His answer silenced those Trump supporters who got duped by a fake news story claiming the actor had endorsed Trump.


Denzel Washington poses with House Minority Leader nancy Pelosi. Photo: Getty Images

The legacy of President Barack Obama is more than we think of it. He has done more than expected, even in the eyes of those who hate him. President Obama has been gracious, humble in the time of chaos in the White House, very patient and considerate person.

“I think that he served with dignity, strength, patience… I think he did a great job,” Washington said.

Let’s not lose the focus on what he has to endure in this racist society, which is that he was in the flames burning down by himself, yet not lose his composure not even once.

“He didn’t get a lot of credit. But just for not cracking under pressure… that alone, you know…” the Oscar-winning actor added before paying homage to other African American leaders who paved the way to make Obama’s presidency possible.

Watch the exchange in the video below:

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