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Watch: Biographer Puts Trump In Deep Hole As He Exposes His Fears In Russia Probe

Bloomberg editor Tim O’Brien appeared on MSNBC on Thursday where he claimed that Donald Trump’s recent attacks on Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff reveal just how scared he is about the consequences he may be facing as a result of the multiple probes into his personal dealings.

“The taxes are important to a point,” O’Brien said, saying they would reveal volumes about Trump’s overseas income. But he quickly pivoted to the president’s response.

“Whenever Trump begins tweeting at people and attacking people, it is rarely from a position of strength,” he said, adding that Trump was attacking Schiff because the congressman was could now “use the oversight powers of Congress to take a closer look at Trump’s business dealings.” O’Brien identified three other investigations and said Trump was “surrounded.”

“Trump is surrounded by multiple investigations, some of which will go on beyond his presidency, and at least one of which the power of the presidency won’t enable him to protect himself from a consequences,” O’Brien said, and continued that Trump was “in a corner”, which his family, business dealings, and entire inauguration were now in investigators’ sights.

“The best way to read his tweets is someone who’s very worried of what he’s exposed to,” he said. “To a large extent, it’s a Pandora’s box that has been opened and could have consequences that go well beyond his presidency.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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