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WATCH: Brian Stelter Destroys Kellyanne Conway For Using Clinton To Deflect Russia Questions

Appearing on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” on Sunday, alternative facts aficionado and Counselor to President Donald Trump Kellyanne Conway tried to deflect questions into the Russia investigation by bringing up Hillary Clinton’s name into the discussion. It didn’t go well.

CNN host Brian Stelter called out Conway for constantly pivoting to Hillary Clinton every time he asked about possible collusion between President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russian agents.

During the contentious interview, Conway accused CNN of profiting off of opposition to President Donald Trump.

“I understand that you don’t want an adversarial media,” Stelter remarked. “I guess you just want everybody to be like Fox News.”

“Stop being so jealous of Fox News,” Conway snapped at Stelter. “I think that would help if you dropped the jealousy a litle bit about Fox News.”

As the interview continued, Stelter told Conway that “it’s a problem for the nation that this president is not trusted by the American people” and that he found it troubling that Trump was trying to “meddle” in the Justice Department’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. election.

“The FBI and the Justice Department don’t seem interested in both sides of the so-called collusion coin,” Conway complained. “We’ve got multiple investigations through [Special Counsel Robert Mueller], through congressional and Senate committees. And CNN itself has been so hot on Russia, Russia, Russia and the dossier. CNN has been obsessed with this dossier for over a year now.”

She added: “And now we know the DNC and the Clinton campaign paid the same firm for said dossier, which is completely unverified.”

“Parts of it have been verified,” Stelter said. “That is misinformation that you are spreading on my program.”

“Then let’s look at all sides of the coin!” Conway exclaimed. “Hillary Clinton, as Donna Brazile just pointed out — I agree with her completely — she was a walking, talking treasure trove of how to beat Hillary Clinton. We never needed to look farther than her.”

“I think viewers see your pivot,” Stelter interrupted. “When I say Russia, you say Clinton. It’s part of a strategy.”

Watch the heated exchange in the video below via CNN:

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