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WATCH: Capitol Hill Protest Interrupts GOP Tax Cuts For The Rich Hearing, Dozens Arrested

Dozens of protesters were arrested on Capitol Hill as Senate Republicans advanced the tax cuts for the rich that would also take healthcare away from 13 million Americans. The protesters chanted, “Don’t kill us. Kill the bill.”

The controversial Tax reform got even more devastating for the poor after Republicans decided to attach the individual mandate repeal to the tax cuts for the wealthy.

The tax cut bill is wildly unpopular, with an approval rating of only 25%. With only days to go until the bill potentially passes the Senate, Americans are starting to wake up and realize that the cruel Republican tax cuts for the rich must be stopped and are starting to protest.

A new analysis by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) found that the Senate tax legislation if passed would hurt Americans in the lowest income brackets while helping wealthy Americans get even richer.

Massive protests nationwide are expected of the bill is approved by the Republican-controlled Senate.

Here’s another video of the protest via MSNBC:

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