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WATCH: Carter Page Has Complete Meltdown On Live TV


WATCH: Carter Page Has Complete Meltdown On Live TV

Carter Page made another TV appearance just days after appearing on MSNBC with host Chris Hayes. This time the former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser attempted to go toe-to-toe with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Page looked off and oddly appeared to misspeak and said he’s looking into election interference…in 2018.

“I haven’t been following this,” Page told Tapper, presumably speaking about the revelations from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation this week. “I‘ve been following more important cases that are really getting to bottom of interference in the election next year.”

Page then blamed CNN for “leaking” information during his seven-hour testimony before the House Intelligence Committee yesterday.

“They’re leaking this kind of basic discussion in a conversation, and I’m handing them over thousands and thousands of e-mails after I was already hacked [by the government],” Page said in an apparent attempt to justify his decision to plead the Fifth Amendment when the HIC asked him for more documents related to their Russia investigation.

Watch the video clips below:

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