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Watch: Chilling Video Shows Terrified Hawaiians Hiding Their Kids In Storm Drains While Trump Golfed

A shocking video has emerged online showing terrified Hawaiians hiding their kids in storm drains after an emergency alert was “accidentally” sent warning residents that “a ballistic missile was inbound.”

It took almost an hour before U.S. officials issued a correction, declaring the alarm “a mistake” and that “there was no threat”.

Can you imagine receiving such a terrifying alert then having to decide to stuff your kids down a storm drain so they might have a chance to live? Having to suppress every fear you have of toxic gases, or your kid getting stuck somehow, or maybe the storm drain not being an adequate shelter to begin with, all on the random chance that their world might otherwise be about to end?

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As Hawaiians panicked and braced for the worst, you know what would have helped a great deal? A tweet from our President assuring terrified families that, no, they are not going to die.

However, many hours after the false alert, Trump has still said nothing about the false alert.

As former Obama defense official Patrick Granfield noted, “thank God the President was playing golf” when the alert went out or we may have witnessed the United States launching a nuclear missile at North Korea or otherwise “acting rashly,” but while he was busy doing that, terrified parents were desperately trying to keep their kids safe from the threat no one told them for an excruciating 40 minutes was not a threat.

Watch the video below:

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