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WATCH: Chris Cuomo Blasts Trump Supporters For Being Delusional And Not Relying On Facts


WATCH: Chris Cuomo Blasts Trump Supporters For Being Delusional And Not Relying On Facts

CNN’s Chris Cuomo blasted a panel of Donald Trump supporters a day after his co-host Alisyn Camerota questioned them about the president.

During the panel discussion, six die-hard Trump fans talked about what made Trump so “great.” Camerota asked the panel if it helped that the president attacked Attorney General Jeff Sessions over the Russia investigation.

Their reaction was nothing short of delusional.

“They’re throwing out rabbits, it’s called chasing rabbits,” one woman wearing a black hat opined. “Throw a rabbit out. Let’s all go over here, look at this rabbit so we leave this alone over here.”

The panel seemed to think that it was a strategy to distract people from the scandal revolving around Donald Trump Jr.

Cuomo then called out the Trump supporters for basing their support off what they feel and not the facts.

“They’re happy with what the president has done with executive orders, with border crossings,” Camerota explained. “That’s what they want to focus on.”

“Right,” Cuomo agreed. “I think you have a fundamental problem with this group of people, with the difference between fact and feeling, with what they feel is true vs. what is actually true.”

“The likelihood that the one women with the hat [in the group of Trump supporters] says, ‘Well, they’re throwing rabbits out there to distract,’” Cuomo continued. “And yet, she sees that as a virtue. What does this tell you? This tells you that what the president says matters. And to people who support him, they absorb what he says even though they don’t fully comprehend it.”

“They think he speaks their language,” Camerota replied. “They think they do fully comprehend it, everything that he says. They think that we misinterpret it.”

“And 60-plus percent of the people in the country right now say he is not level headed,” Cuomo noted as the segment concluded.

Watch the clip below:

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