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Watch – CIA Expert Compares ‘Mad’ Trump To A Saudi King: ‘He’s Terrified Of The Russia Investigation’

FBI and CIA historian Tim Weiner, who has been critical of Donald Trump in the past, compared the president to a Saudi king while claiming his administration is like a “Saudi regime.”

Weiner appeared on CNN on Monday where he spoke out against the Trump administration for revoking the security clearance on former CIA Director John Brennan. The historian told CNN that “[M]onths and years from now, we may look back on the last few days as a turning point in the opposition to Trump. The resistance coming from the establishment, from the national security empire.”

Weiner went on to compare that Trump administration’s actions to those of a Saudi regime, “where to criticize the crown is considered an act of terrorism.”

He then added that Trump’s actions are unethical to the American experiment, saying “that’s why we fought a revolution against the mad king.”

Weiner was then asked if he knew why Trump has been attacking the national security of his own country.

“He is terrified. He is terrified of the Russia investigation,” Weiner said. “He is terrified that the walls are closing in on him. A man like John Brennan who was part of the initial investigation in 2016 and the beginning of 2017, he knows things that we ordinary citizens don’t. This is part of what have Trump fears.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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