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WATCH: CNN Panel Rips Into ‘Disrespectful’ Trump For Tweeting From Golf Club During McCain Memorial

Donald Trump is the kind of person that wants to make everything about himself. So it’s no surprise that he would go on a tweeting spree during the funeral of fallen American hero John McCain.

A CNN panel ripped Trump and called him “disrespectful” for tweeting from his golf club as McCain’s ceremony was happening.

“While we watched this moving memorial service, the president was at his golf club outside of Washington, D.C. but he was also tweeting,” CNN’s Wolf Blitzer reported Saturday. “Tweeting about the absence of Canada in NAFTA and other issues including the Mueller probe.”

“Give us a historic perspective,” Blitzer said.

“I thought that was disrespectful of President Trump to be tweeting during the memorial service,” Dr. Brinkley replied.

“I might be old-fashioned in that regard, but I think he should have taken a time-out with it,” he added.

Take a look at the discussion below:

Trump continues to spend taxpayer money to go golfing, something he heavily criticized former President Barack Obama of doing.

Since he has taken office, Trump has spent 152 days out of 590 days at one of his golf clubs.

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