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Watch: CNN Reporter Leaves McCarthy Rambling As She Corners Him Over Impeachment


CNN’s Dana Bash questioned House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy this week if he thought Donald Trump did anything wrong by asking a foreign government to investigate his political opponent by threatening to withhold military aid from them.

Bash asked McCarthy, “Did the president do anything wrong? Take away impeachment”

McCarthy refused to respond to whether Trump did anything wrong, instead he insisted that “He did nothing to be impeached.”

Bash, however, kept after McCarthy, again asking, “Did he do anything that bothers you?” And the House minority leader, sounding irritated, remained evasive, telling Bash, “That’s not the question… You want to demean impeachment that low?…. It upsets me that we would be here today because someone is upset.”

McCarthy went on to do some more filibustering and told Bash, “They want to impeach this president because they cannot beat him in an election. That is wrong. That upsets me.” But one thing he never addressed was whether or not any of Trump’s behavior was wrong or whether or not it bothered him.

Take a look at the exchange in the video clip below:

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