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WATCH: CNN’s Baldwin Has To Stop For Water As She Reads Endless List Of Trump’s Failures


WATCH: CNN’s Baldwin Has To Stop For Water As She Reads Endless List Of Trump’s Failures

Donald Trump’s presidency has been chaotic to say the least. Just the last four weeks have been filled with controversy, scandal, and flat out craziness.

On Friday, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin shared a list of the chaotic moments Trump has had over the last four weeks, but had to stop for water in the middle of it due to the immense amount of bullet points.

Baldwin stopped to hydrate in the middle of reading the list, noting, “Sorry, this is long.”

“In no particular order, President Trump in the last four weeks has: Fires his chief strategist, fires his chief of staff, hires a new one, hires a new communications director, fires him — ”

Below is the list of the chaotic events that have taken place in the Trump presidency the last four weeks.

*Fires Reince Priebus
*Hires John Kelly
*Hires “The Mooch”
*Fires “The Mooch”
*Hires fourth communications director
*Publicly shames Attorney General Sessions multiple times
*Loses a healthcare bill
*Publicly shames Republicans who voted against it
*Bans transgender individuals from the military without telling the military
*Ticks off the Boy Scout speech
*Makes up Boy Scout leader call
*Makes up Mexican President call
*Thanks Vladimir Putin for expelling Americans – hundreds of them
*Begrudgingly signs Russia sanctions, then blasts Congress for it
*Condemns leaks, but then says he likes the leaks because he says it shows people love him –
*Encourages police officers to rough up suspects
*Publicly shames Mitch McConnell
*Embraces unpassable immigration plan
*Threatens North Korea with nukes
*Tells Guam it’ll help tourism
*His own Chief Strategist says no military option
*Threatens Venezuela
*After a Nazi rally in which someone was murdered, President blames “both sides”
*Denounces white supremacists
*Hours later, makes everything worse by going back to blaming both sides
*Says “fine people” at Nazi rally
*Suggests there is no difference between George Washington and Robert E. Lee
*Shames CEOs who ditch business councils
*Two business councils disband
*Retweets right-wing conspiracy theorist
*Considers pardoning Sheriff Arpaio
*Promotes his Charlottesville winery when asked if he will visit Charlottesville
*Tells the world to study a lie during terror attack

*Receives condemnations from:
-Former Presidents
-World leaders
-His own staff
-And the Pope

“And still. Still, has no regrets,” says Baldwin.

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