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Watch: CNN’s Jake Tapper Uses Fox News To Demolish Trump Over Racist Ad

On Monday, CNN anchor Jake Tapper knocked President Trump’s controversial campaign ad that has been met with widespread backlash, saying it was so racist and lie-filled that even Fox News declined to air the spot.

“The president’s latest ad is so full of falsehoods, so racially incendiary, not only CNN, but NBC and Facebook and Fox News — Fox News— are refusing to air it,” Tapper said on his show.

“Contemplate that for a second,” Tapper added.

The controversial ad, which Trump tweeted out last Wednesday, depicts convicted murderer Luis Bracamontes, a deported Mexican immigrant who returned to the U.S. and killed two police officers in 2014, bragging in court about killing the officers. The video attempts to link Bracamontes to Democratic immigration policies and the so-called caravan of Central American migrants slowly making their way toward the southern border by suggesting Democrats will let anybody cross the border.

However, Bracamontes was let in back to the U.S. during the George W. Bush administration.

Critics condemned the ad as racist, saying Trump was attempting to conflate the actions of one individual with those of all immigrants trying to enter the country.

The news network said it would not air the spot because it was racist, and NBC, after airing the ad on Sunday night, backtracked on Monday and said it would no longer broadcast the ad.

Facebook and Fox News followed suit a short time later.

Trump claimed as he departed for a day of campaign rallies that he was not aware of the backlash before lashing out at reporters.

“Well, a lot of things are offensive,” the president told a reporter who asked about the ad being offensive. “Your questions are offensive a lot of times.”

Watch Tapper’s response below:

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