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WATCH: CNN’s Tapper Destroys Paul Ryan As He Tries To Moralize Trump’s Response To White Supremacy March

On Monday night CNN’s Jake Tapper raised his concerns and the concerns of the American people of the way Donald Trump reacted to the events that took place during the white supremacy march.

While speaking to Paul Ryan Tapper questioned him on Trump’s remarks, saying that it wasn’t a partisan issue and that it “wasn’t morally ambiguous, it was morally wrong.”

Ryan tried to moralize Trump’s statements by saying he made a mistake and it was “morally ambiguous.”

“I think the issue … is the reluctance to criticize President Trump for specifically saying things like, ‘Very fine people were marching in that rally’ that had swastikas and anti-Semitic chants,” Tapper pointed out during the CNN Town Hall. “There were not very fine people in that rally.”

“And it wasn’t morally ambiguous, it was morally wrong,” Tapper continued.

Ryan agreed “you’re not a good person if you’re there,” but then cautioned against “partisan” attacks on Trump’s response.

“Is it not bigger than something that’s partisan to say ‘people need to stand up and say more when the president does it’—forget his party for a second,” Tapper asked. “He’s giving aid and comfort to people who are fans of losing, discredited, hateful ideologies.”

“I don’t, I don’t think,” an uncomfortable Ryan replied, as the audience applauded.

“The people who applauded his remarks on Tuesday were David Duke and Richard Spencer,” Tapper explained.

“He messed up on Tuesday, he was right on Monday, and he was right about an hour ago,” Ryan replied.

“When he was reading from tele-prompters, he was right?” Tapper shot back.

Take a look at the confrontation below:

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