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WATCH: Colbert Just Made A Complete Mockery Of Scaramucci In The WH’s Worst Week Yet

This week in the White House was quite bizarre and “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert decided to bash on the unexplainable events.

Colbert took his “one week older” segment and talked about Trump’s new member Anthony Scaramucci and his characterization of Steve Bannon’s acrobatic self-gratification.

“Look, if Bannon could do that, he’d never leave the White House,” the comedian remarked. “Though, I gotta say, we never see him anymore.”

Colbert went on to blast the feud between Trump and his attorney general Jeff Sessions, saying that before Trumpism there was Sessionism and before that, just racism.

The comedian roasted on Scaramucci for being a kiss-ass.

“Bring it Donald, specifically those sweet but cheeks because The Mooch is ready to smooch,” Colbert laughed.

Take a look at the segment below:

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