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WATCH: Colbert Make A Completely Mockery Of Trump And Melania With ‘Surprise Guest’

“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert had a special guest on Tuesday night. The late night tv show host had an interview with “Melania Trump” where he asked her about how life is now that she moved into the White House.

Of course the real Melania did not make an appearance, but that didn’t stop Colbert from bashing on Donald Trump and Melania herself.

Colbert asked Laura Benanti, who was playing the role of Melania, what it was like living away from the White House for five months.

“It was so lonely in New York doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I called it ‘my prison of freedom.'”

Colbert went on to question the first lady about the time she slapped away Trump’s hand during a trip to Israel. “Fake news, Stephen! His hands are so small, I thought it was mosquito,” she explained.

You can watch the whole segment below.

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