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Watch Colbert Torch ‘Satan’s Trophy-Wife’ Kellyanne Conway With Hilarious ‘Visual Aid’ Display

Late Show host Stephen Colbert’s take on Kellyanne Conway’s instantly meme-able “visual aid” demonstration on Fox News is pure gold.

Colbert started his opening monologue poking fun at Conway’s use of two sheets of paper with large, uppercase words on them to great effect.

“Trump’s not the only one defending his son,” Colbert said. “Last night, senior White House advisor and Satan’s trophy-wife Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox News and use a little visual aid to drive home her point.”

After cutting to Conway’s “vocabulary lesson” on Fox News, Colbert decided to give it a shot himself.

“Fun! I wanna try,” Colbert said.

“Trump, Jr. tried to ‘articulate,’” he began, holding up a piece of paper with “articulate” in all-caps. “But that turned out to ‘incriminate.’”

“It’s something even an idiot would ‘anticipate,” he said, holding up another sheet of paper. “And now he’s gonna be an ‘inmate.’”

Watch the video below:

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