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Watch: Conservative Commentator Gets Torn To Shreds After Claiming Kavanaugh Is The Real Victim

A CNN panel exploded into a screaming match on Thursday when conservative commentator Amanda Carpenter claimed that Brett Kavanaugh was being treated unfairly with “no evidence” of the sexual assault allegations.

During the panel discussion, political commentator Symone Sanders went off on Carpenter while discussing the sexual assault accusations made by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

“I think Dr. Ford is weighing [her options]. Republicans have been bullying her into saying it’s Monday or no day. And because of Dr. Ford’s attorneys have not responded, I think she weighed her options,” Sanders said.

Carpenter then claimed that Republicans in the Senate Judiciary Committee have the right to have a timely confirmation hearing.

“Republicans are perfectly within their rights to say —let’s make this happen in a timely manner. Given the threats in this environment, I think it becomes even more important that they reach a speedy resolution,” Carpenter said.

When Sanders interrupted and said that For was being attacked, Carpenter claimed that Kavanaugh is equally a victim in this case.

“How many people are disparaging him without confirmed evidence that he did that? Let’s not pretend this is happening one way,” Carpenter said.

Take a look at the feud in the video clip below:

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