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WATCH: Conservative Pundit Goes On CNN And Demolishes Trump Over His ‘Despicable’ Racist Behavior


WATCH: Conservative Pundit Goes On CNN And Demolishes Trump Over His ‘Despicable’ Racist Behavior

Appearing on CNN’s “New Day Saturday”, GOP strategist Evan Siegfried exploded at former South Carolina Republican Lt. Governor André Bauer got into a heated exchange over the state of the Republican Party during the presidency of Donald Trump, and Siegfried exploded at Bauer for defending the president’s “despicable behavior.”

Bauer argued that the Republican Party is “experiencing growing pains” as reflected in 2016 election results, while Siegfried noted the increasing weakness of the party with younger millennial voters during the timing Trump has been in office.

“We’re becoming more and more isolated and pulling back the party is contracting and the future is in serious trouble,” Siegfried admitted.

“More of my friends 34-and-under turn to me and say, ‘what does the Republican Party offer me?’ I can’t walk into a room and try to recruit millennial voters…when Donald Trump goes out and defends people who are carrying tiki torches in Charlottesville. In fact, that’s the only group we’ve grown with, if you’re running around saying, ‘you will not replace us’ the Republican Party is already starting to sound like an attractive place,” Siegfried worried. “It’s not attractive for anybody else.”

“We’ve got a president that’s not worried about polling, not worried about offending people, fighting these battles that no other person was willing to fight,” Bauer argued.

“I’m sorry, that’s a bunch of malarkey as Joe Biden would say,” Siegfried responded. “It’s scapegoating.”

“Nobody is denouncing this, this is absolutely despicable behavior,” Siegfried concluded.

Watch the video below, via CNN:

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