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WATCH: Right-Wing Pundit Gets Destroyed By Joy Reid After Trying To Push Hillary’s Uranium One ‘Scandal’


WATCH: Right-Wing Pundit Gets Destroyed By Joy Reid After Trying To Push Hillary’s Uranium One ‘Scandal’

Appearing on MSNBC’s Am Joy, right-wing reporter Jen Kerns tried to push her talking points about Hilary Clinton and Uranium One conspiracy theory only to get destroyed by host Joy Reid.

Conservatives have manufactured the Uranium One “scandal”, claiming that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton turned over uranium to Russia in return for her contributions to her Clinton Foundation. Of course, that claim has been debunked countless times.

But Kerns on Saturday morning continued to insist that Republicans should start up another investigation of the deal, at one point saying that the “scandal” is on the level with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

After rehashing points she made on her previous appearance with Reid on Uranium One, Kerns was asked by the host, “Do you think it’s legitimate for your tax dollars to be spent on that investigation?”

“I think,” Kerns said as she began to duck the question only to be cut off by Reid who pressed, “Yes or no?”

“You can’t have it both ways,” Kerns stated. “You can’t say we ought to allow Robert Mueller –.”

“Hold on,” Reid shot back. “One of these investigations is about the interference in an American election. The other is about a long-dead deal. All of the Clinton part’s of it are years divorced from this deal.”

“The fact is that you’re saying that you think it is just as legitimate to spend your tax dollars on a fishing expedition to drag Hillary Clinton through the mud and the Obama administration,” Reid accused. “You don’t think the Mueller investigation is more important than that?”

“I think they’re equal,” Kerns replied. “They both have to do with Russian collusion, it’s not a dead issue. A report by the Telegraph in the U.K. — British intelligence officials shared with the Telegraph that there was concern as recently as November of this past year that Russia for several years had been instrumental in helping both North Korea build and accelerate their nuclear programs.”

Reid then proceeded to brilliantly shut down her entire argument.

Watch the exchange in the video below via MSNBC:

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