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Watch – Dem Lawmaker Rips GOP Chairman Into Pieces For Using Hearings To Distract From Russia Probe: ‘Trump Is Scared’

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) called out House Republicans on Thursday, claiming that they are using their power to distract the American public from the fact that multiple Trump campaign staffers have already been found guilty and are facing charges in special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation.

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing, Nadler claimed that Republicans were attacking FBI agent Peter Strzok to shy away from talking about the ongoing Russia investigation and the connections between the Trump campaign and Russia.

“Why have they abandon House rules to pick unnecessary fights with you, [FBI agent] Lisa Page, and Deputy Attorney General [Rod] Rosenstein?” Nadler questioned Strzok. “The obvious answer is because they are scared, because President Trump is scared, because the special counsel’s investigation is operating at a breakneck pace and has already produced five guilty pleas and criminal charges against individuals, because accountability is coming one way or another and they are scared and trying to undermine the investigation and distract attention.”

Nadler went on to point out that Republicans have yet to release the transcript of an 11-hour interview with Strzok, which some of it has already been leaked.

“And I now call on the majority to release that transcript in full today,” Nadler pushed. “This will show that this entire investigation is, at best, a partisan distraction from more important matters.”

“I ask the chairman now to order the release of that transcript,” the congressman continued, turning to GOP Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA). “Will the chairman do that?”

“Not today,” Goodlatte said.

“Will the chairman ever do so?” Nadler continued to press.

“You can direct your questions to the witness,” Goodlatte responded.

“I will observe that the chairman will not answer the question,” Nadler quipped. “And that this is part of the continuing evasion and attempt at obfuscation.”

“Will the gentleman yield?” Goodlatte asked.

“No,” Nadler said. “Not at the moment.”

Take a look at the clip below:

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