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Watch: Don Jr. Makes Disturbing Joke About #MeToo Movement At Trump Rally


Just like Donald Trump, his kids aren’t exactly the most liked people in the world.

On Monday night, Trump’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., took to the stage at his father’s rally where he tried to make fun of the #MeToo movement.

It’s no surprise that Trump Jr. would make fun of the movement. After all, his father has been credibly accused by two dozen women of sexual misconduct, including rape.

In the handoff between the former Fox News anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle and her boyfriend, Donald Trump, Jr., the president’s son gave Guilfoyle a kiss – then made a #MeToo “joke” – and a sexual one at that.

“I will not be getting #MeToo’d this evening, alright?” Trump Jr. “joked” to the crowd, as The Washington Post reported.

Trump Jr. then claimed that he would be sued by the media for giving his girlfriend a kiss.

And then, he said this: “Kimberly may #MeToo me later but that’s a different story.”

Watch (begins at the 3:42:55 mark):

According to The Post, “Pollsters and political strategists believe that’s a big mistake,” referring to Trump Jr.’s comments.

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